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My best-selling books

These books were included in top 100 best-selling books.


I started searching for books online when I stumbled upon and started writing my own books. I was also looking for freelance jobs in and met Sunny Singh, a publisher who commissioned me to write a novel entitled Beloved and everything went on from there.


These are some of the first books that I've written.

My books have varied topics

I chose to write about different topics so people will enjoy and not get bored. I hope you will enjoy reading my books.

Where you can buy my books

They are available in,, (Baker and Taylor), googleplay, appleibookstore, kobo, and on many other online bookstores.

Stories around my first six books

100 Ways To Have Fun and Be Happy

This is the first book that I wrote and it was included in the top 100 bestselling books. 100 ways to have fun and be happy are listed in this book. As a psychology graduate, I think about people who might be bored or are unhappy and this book is especially written for them. I hope they get a lot of insights from this book. I firmly believe that we are responsible for our own happiness and we can create our own rainbows. Bad things may happen to us but still we can make ourselves happy. I hope this book helps a lot.


40 Ways To a Regret-free Life

40 Ways To a Regret-free Life is the second book that I wrote. Thinking back in life, I have many regrets and I missed a lot of opportunities. This book will help you minimize them. Of course not all regrets can be avoided, and in this case we just have to consider them as experiences that gives us important lessons in life.

All About Flowers

Being the care taker of my mom's plants, I wrote about tips on how to tend to a flower garden in this book. Also included in this book is a flower look book and a list of the things that are needed to start making a flower garden. 


This book has 20,000 words, 65 pages of pure love. This book is not written in bookrix but rather I was awarded of a freelance job contract to write this book by Sunny Singh, a publisher. This is the first love story that I wrote. 

For the Love of Chocolate and Company

This is the fourth book that I wrote. It's a story about my cute and beloved pet cat named Chocolate and her companions. 

A story about two different people falling in love with each other. This is also the sixth book that I wrote and the second in the romance/love story genre.

My books and their synopsis

100 Ways To Have Fun and Be Happy

A book that will do enormous help to people who are experiencing boredom and depression. This book is written with your best interest at heart.

40 Ways To a Regret-free Life

This book will help you eliminate regrets in the decisions that you make in your life. Of course not all regrets can be avoided but this book will help you eliminate them.

All About Flowers

Some of these flowers are grown at home in our very own garden, some I've seen during our outing in Balay Alibangbang and some in a garden show in Panaad sa Negros. Let these beautiful flowers inspire you to grow your own garden at home. This book includes tips on how to grow beautiful and healthy flowers, flower lookbook and the origin of flowers.


Jacob Rafael meets and falls in love with the beautiful Violet Sanders. However, his first love Victoria Arnaiz wants to go back into his life. Who will he choose, his new love or his first love who left him before for an older rich guy?

For The Love of Chocolate and Company

This book tells about the story of Chocolate, who was a kitten of a previous stay cat but is lucky to have found a very loving owner and is lucky to eat her favorite food which is fish most of the time. Chocolate is accompanied by her kittens, sister Stampy and her kittens.

Island Girl

A story about two different people, Alexa, a free-spirited and independent woman and Josh, a serious and responsible guy. The moment he heard about the nasty rumors about Alexa, Josh became more interested in her. He's challenged by her. Some people may consider her wild but he seemed to have captured his attention with her boisterous and unique personality. Will Josh learn to accept her past or will he be turned off?




All About Flowers Book 2

More gardening tips plus a flower look book.

The Secret To Finding True and Lasting Happiness

This book tells about the secret to finding true and lasting happiness and how to find happiness in your life.

Happiness Boosters

This book is about taking your happiness to the next level.

Princess Meowy

This book is about my cat named Princess Meowy. It has a five star rating on

Cat Poems Collection

This book is a collection of cat poems, they are poems about my pet cats plus two bonus poems about my two pets other than cats.

Laugh often, love much

A beautiful love story about a love lost and found.

Travel Memoir: Singapore and Malaysia

A memoir about me and my family's travel and short vacation in Singapore and Malaysia. Among the places we visited there are Singapore Zoo, Universal Studios and Legoland.

How My Cat Regained her Appetite

This book is free. This book is a short true story about how my pet cat named Chubby regained her appetite after being sick and losing her appetite.

Travel Memoir: Boracay

This is a memoir about me and my family's Christmas vacation in the island paradise called Boracay. This is available on and other online bookstores.



I'm also currently writing this book. It's about two people who started liking each other since kindergarten. Now that they are grown ups, they started dating each other. However, their friends decided to put them to a test to seem how devoted they are to each other. Will they remain loyal and devoted to each other despite the test?





Thank you for reading about my books! :-)

About the author

Roxanne Jade Regalado graduated taking up the course B.S. Psychology in Silliman University, Dumaguete City Philippines. She lives in Cadiz City with her mother, sister, nephew, niece and pets.